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Love Won Out is a day-long seminar sponsored by the conservative Christian organization Focus on the Family. Its goal is to promote the truth that homosexuality is a disease that is preventable and treatable. Its other goal is to collect $40 pre-sale or $50 at the door from each person that attends.

Items discussed in the conference are how homosexuality has been portrayed in public school and why it is wrong, discussing the views of various Christian denominations regarding homosexuality and why it has been too permissive, going over what the Church's stance ought to be regarding the acceptance of gays and lesbians, and other legal and ethical issues surrounding the complex issue of gay rights. Ironically, the seminar's website also mentions that, above all, love "will always win out over fear, hate or ignorance." Perhaps their solution is to "love them into submission" in the same fashion the equally-minded Promise Keepers do with their women.

Speakers at the conference will include notable ex-gays sharing their testimony of what happened to them and why it should happen to all homosexuals, therapists that deal with homosexuality and gender issues from a Christian perspective, and popular commentators on the subject.

Regardless of your point of view about homosexuality, this conference would be an interesting one to attend, even if just to understand the mechanics behind the Right's crusade against gays and lesbians. However, their $50 price tag and the knowledge that it is going to support such a discriminatory organization is enough to keep this one "preaching to the choir" by reinforcing and affirming beliefs the audience already holds.

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