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Sonnet of the WeekApril 11, 2020

Love in the Time of Corona

“Love in the Time of Corona,” she said.
“Why don’t you write the whole thing ‘cause it’s good!”
Why? You ask WHY steal from this thoroughbred?
I’m not quite in the Marquez neighborhood.

It’s a cheap shot, a bit of a damn pun.
A columnist’s headline, it’s pretty bad,
And in this instance not really much fun.
In Spanish, “cólera” also means mad.

Which is what we all are, tell you the truth.
We’re mad and we’re dying, thanks to this ass.
Our schools are all closed, we’re cheating our youth,
The world’s gone to hell, and he gets a pass?

Not in God’s Good Book, no way and no how.
Wages of sin should be full-paid right now.

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