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Another Donna-Summer-Georgio Moroder disco anthem, from 1976. Some people say Donna sounds like she has 17 orgasms or something during this 16 minutes 50 seconds single. Uhnghhhhh... Almost the tastiest.

From 1975, though its international-phenomenonhood came in the following year. A disco classic to some, though it still sounds rather cheesy; the beat conquers all, however. As many disco records were in those days, this was, if not an entire album side in length, then fairly close to it (it was the title track, IIRC) - the edited-for-airplay version became a radio hit. It's early Eurodisco (with a singer from Bahstun), but, unlike, say, a Cerrone, this wasn't some synthesizer-driven thing - it gets its cheesiness, in part, from its acoustic, orchestrated, 60s-studio, cheap-soundtrack flavor; it makes you forget for a minute that the synth-mad Giorgio Moroder produced it. Mr. "I Feel Love" himself. Summer made the cover of Newsweek twice during this period; this song, orgasmic moans (inspired by Serge Gainsbourg's "Je t'aime") or no, was part of the reason why.

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