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Canadian politician (retired), though he might object to the lead term. Former leader of the separatist Parti Québecois of Québec, Canada, and Premier of Québec from January, 1996 to resigning in January, 2001 (he stayed in power briefly afterward, and was succeeded by Bernard Landry).

Formerly a federal Progressive Conservative Party cabinet minister (as Secretary of State and Minister of the Environment) until Meech Lake and Brian Mulroney turned him to the separatist cause. He founded the federal Bloq Québecois in 1990, and (ironically) became leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition after the Bloq won 54 seats in the House of Commons in the 1993 election.

Lucien turned to provincial politics one day in January, 1996 while Jacques Parizeau was drunk. He became leader of the Parti Québecois and was elected as a member of National Assembly for Jonquière in February of 1996.

Monsieur Bouchard lost a leg to necrotizing fasciitis, which has given him a distinctive walk (aided by a cane) and a certain martyr's status.

Infamous for saying he would hold another round of the neverendum when "winning conditions" took place. Also famous for saying his two young sons spit whenever they hear the word "referendum" - in saying this, he unwittingly spoke (for once) for almost all Canadians.

Lucien Bouchard was also attacked by the flesh-eating bacteria and went to the USA to be cured, even if he has been praising for years that the Quebec Health Care system is the best in the whole world. He also has a really strange robotic behavior. Al Gore acts as a human in comparison to Mister Bouchard.

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