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LSMU was founded in 1956 in the southern Ukrainian city of Lugansk. The university consists of six faculties and a preparatory department. It trains its students in the areas of medicine, pediatrics, stomatology, pharmacy, and nursing and also at the postgraduate level. Since its inception, it has produced over 14,000 doctors, of which over 700 have come from 52 foreign countries. Graduates from LSMU have gone on to become successful in scientific and public health service sectors.

LSMU has admitted international students for over thirty years. Undergraduate programs are offered in the English, Ukrainian and Russian mediums in medicine, dentistry, pediatrics and nursing. Many international students find LSMU especially attractive due to the quality education it provides at a comparatively very affordable rate.

The university is recognized by the Ukranian government and the World Health Organization. It provides a range of facilities to its students. The university libraries contain over 700,000 volumes. Furnished accommodation is available on campus for students, as are healthcare services. Recreational facilities, including a sports complex and stadium, are also available.

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