A goth/darkwave/ambient musical group formed in 1988, in the younger years of the gothic music evolution.

Members have joined and left the band throughout the years up to their most recent incarnation, marked by an mp3-only release this year (2000) titled Empty Space.

Their current discography reads like thus:

  • Wake (1989)
  • Ionia (1991)
  • A Day In The Stark Corner (1993)
  • Live (1994)
  • Bleak/Vane (1995)
  • The Burning Circle Then Dust (1995)
  • Cold (1996)
  • Estrella (1998)
  • Tara Vanflower/This Womb Like Liquid Honey (1999)
  • Estraya/The Time Has Come And Gone (1999)
  • Empty Space (2000)

Their recording label is called Projekt Records, home to other well-known gothic acts such as Love Spirals Downwards and Black Tape For A Blue Girl

Can you tell that I'm a fan?

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