Lylat Wars is the name given to the European release of Nintendo's Star Fox for the N64.

It continues the story where the original Super Nintendo game left off, this time with the addition of digitised speech, improved graphics and a revolutionary multi-player split-screen mode.

Nothing much was changed in this PAL Conversion however Star Fox enthusiasts claim that the PAL version is slightly slower than the NTSC version, resulting in poorer game-play.

Lylat Wars was the first game released in Europe that made use of the N64 Rumble Pack.

This plot-summary has been heavily quoted from RedDemon's excellent Lylat Wars Guide at

Five Years after exiling Andross to the ravaged planet of Venom for his crimes against Corneria, General Pepper receives reports of new biotechnology experiments taking place on Venom. A team of three agents penetrates the defenses of the planet, but Pigma Dengar betrays his colleagues, James McCloud and Peppy Hare. Only Peppy escapes the trap to return to Corneria where he warns General Pepper of the treachery of Pigma and the growing danger from the exiled mad ape. As the evil hand of Andross stretches from Venom across the Lylat Solar System toward Corneria, it seems that all my be lost. The forces of Corneria are no match for the hatred of Andross and his vile creations. World after world falls to the forces of Venom until only Corneria stands free. At last, General Pepper makes the decision to contact Fox McCloud , the son of James McCloud, who now leads the Star Fox team. It is the last chance and the final hope for Corneria.

These mercenary warriros represent the finest pilots and fighters in the Lylat System: Fox, The Leader, Peppy Hare, the grizzled campaigner, Falco Lombardi, the brash but courageous lieutenant, and Slippy Toad, the mechanical wizard.

Only the Star Wolf team, that is controlled by Andross, has comparable skills. Now that Andross's siege of Corneria has begun, only the Star Fox team remains free to counterattack from its base aboard the Great Fox. But this will be just the beginning of the battle. They must find a way to reach Venom itself and end the madness at the source. Along the way they will encounter horrific creations of Andross on fifteen worlds and they will employ every high-tech weapon and tactic they possess. Above all, they must fight as a team if they hope to defeat Andross.

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