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Lynams is the pre-prep branch of the Dragon school in Oxford.

Like the Dragon it is a co-ed school but unlike the Dragon the split between boys and girls is fairly close to 50-50. The pupils range from reception to year 3 (4-8 years of age).

The school has just over 200 pupils spread over 13 classes and employs 20 full time members of staff including 6 fully qualified nursery nursees for the younger children.

There is a huge variety of available non academic activities including arts drama and a range of after school clubs. The school has its own gym and art centre and, for field sports it has access to the extensive grounds belonging to st. Edwards senior school.

The school was opened in 1995 and is named after three old headmasters of the Dragon School: Skipper Lynam (his nickname “Skipper” was used so much that his real first name has little meaning.); his younger brother Hum Lynam and the very distantly related Joc Lynam.

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