Rock band from Northern Florida. Humble beginnings in the late 60s/early 70s. "Sweet Home Alabama" made them famous, it was the B side to "Gimmie Three Steps". Tragic plane crash in '79 (I think) killed lead singer and a few roadies. Seriously injured everyone else. After, there were attempts to make a new Skynyrd but it's just not the same.

You probably know Lynyrd Skynyrd for Free Bird, Tuesday's Gone and Sweet Home Alabama, but they also cranked out a hell of a lot other stuff. To be honest, it's all pretty much the same, and the famous songs are the best, so you're not really missing anything if you never hear any other album than "The Essential", which is really just a best of album.


After the release of Street Survivors, a plane crash killed lead singer Ronnie VanZant among others. Skynyrd's First...And Last had been planned before the crash, but later albums contained no new songs. After this point, the band had sort of re-formed from some original members and some newcomers--so some of these albums are newly recorded material, and some are just compilations of old Skynyrd stuff.
Source: --Reliable-looking ain't it

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