Inner Sphere Classified Files: The Major Houses
Lyran Commonwealth - House Steiner


Leader: Archon Princess Katrina Steiner-Davion
Capital: Tharkad
Founded: 2341 (Lyran Commonwealth)
3057 (Lyran Alliance)

A playable House in the game Mechwarrior. The Lyran Commonwealth started as a coalition of trading partners, allied to defend themselves against brigands and the expansionist Draconis Combine. For centuries, House Steiner was the dominant mercantile power of the Inner Sphere and the wealthiest of the Major Houses.

The Clan Invasion leveled the field somewhat. As a result of the conflict, House Marik was enriched by an influx of new trade, which quickly prompted House Steiner to substantially improve their military. Now, though their generals are still often better known for their political and social skills than for their tactics, House Steiner fields forces equipped with sophisticated weaponry and large numbers of heavy 'Mechs. House Steiner delights in displays of firepower.

The Lyran Commonwealth was united with the Federated Suns into a new "super-state", the Federated Commonwealth, by the marriage of Melissa Steiner and Hanse Davion in 3028. In 3057, after decades of union, Archon Katrina Steiner-Davion pulled the Lyran state out of the union, moved to seize the seat of her brother, Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, and delcared herself ruler of all the territories of the Federated Commonwealth.

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