In the Babylon 5 universe, a rogue telepath (also called a blip). She telepathically scanned Kosh during the pilot episode, and ever since then she'd been drawn to Vorlon space. She finally made it there a few years later, where she was altered by the Vorlons and made into the equivalent of a telepathic doomsday device. Later hooked up with Byron, becoming sympathetic to his cause and launching terrorist actions against the Psi Corps.

Although all characters, upon occasion, display weakness, or fallibility, though not for very long, only Lyta ever displayed vulnerability.

This made her something of an oddity in the Babylon 5 universe, IMHO. And to me the most appealing character.

Of course, she was not defenseless, on the contrary, her power, used both in the service of the forces of light, and Byron, showed her to be one of the most powerful this side of the Rim, and possibly the least respected.

The Babylon 5 Project

Alexander, Lyta

Former Resident Telepath, Psi Corps


    2262: Leader of the rogue telepaths
    2261: Deep Cover Agent, Psi Corps
      Allowed to freelance.
    2261: Freelance Telepath
      On Psi Corps Rogue list.
    2259: Aide to Vorlon Ambassador Kosh Naranek
      Responsibilities unknown, on Psi Corps Rogue list.
    2259: Unknown
      Renegade from Psi Corps, on Rogue list
        During this time, Lyta vanished in Vorlon Space.
    2257: Unknown
      Transferred to Earth by Psi Corps
    2257: Resident Telepath, Babylon 5
      Available for use by contract for business negotiations, and as a telepathic advisor to Babylon 5.
    2247: Commercial Telepath, Xenocorp
      Monitored contract negotiations with Centauri Prime, Narn Homeworld, and pak'ma.
    Time Unknown: Intern, Psi Cops
      Field assistant


    Psi Corps Registration
      N617CC860, issued December 18, 2252

    Telepathic Rating



      December 10, 2225


    Family Telepathic History

      6th generation telepath (at least - no records previous)

    Psi Corps Status

      Was transferred from Babylon 5 to Earth by the Psi Corps after an encounter with Kosh. Escaped in 2259, from Psi Corps Control, on a shuttle bound for Mars, where she joined the revolutionary movement until leaving for Vorlon space. Considered a renegade, or Blip, by Psi Corps. Later rejoined Psi Corps with Bester's help as a "deep cover" agent, wearing the emblem but allowed to work on her own. In exchange, her body will be returned to Psi Corps upon natural death.

      This deal was probably voided when she took up the rogue telepath's cause after Byron's death. In late 2262, se was forced to leave Babylon 5 and joined G'Kar travelling.

    Psi Cops

      Interned with the Psi Cops as a field researcher. May have a hidden past that only Bester knows about.
        (cf. "Epiphanies")


      Lyta was modified by the Vorlons so that she would be able to transport a Vorlon consciousness unknown to outsiders. This gave her more powerful Psi abilities and Telekinetic abilities. They may have even made her into a doomsday weapon of sorts.
        (cf. "Wheel of Fire")


      It is assumed, in the time of "Sleeping in Light" that Lyta returned to the Sol System to assist in the Telepath War. (Garibaldi is still alive 20 years into the future, and G'Kar returned to Centauri Prime to fulfill his Destiny in Londo's Dream).

      It is safe to assume that since Psi Corps has been dissolved by the dawn of Crusade, Lyta and the Rogue Telepaths were successful in their quest.

Lyta Alexander first appeared in "The Gathering".
She returned to appear as a guest star in "Divided Loyalties".
She returned to the show as a regular in "Passing Through Gethsemane".
She her final appearance in the show was in "Objects in Motion"

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