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Måltipset is yet another sports game from Svenska Spel. The object of the game is to among 30 football (the European kind) matches find the 8 in which the most goals will be made. The matches are chosen from the Swedish and English leagues and the first 13 matches on the coupon are typically the same as the 13 matches on the Stryktipset coupon for the same week. The minimum bet is 4 columns or combinations per coupon. Each column costs 2.50 SEK.

Up until recently, the minimum bet was 2 columns or combinations per coupon, but Svenska Spel was forced to increase the minimum bet to four. This was because Lotteriinspektionen (the agency that supervises all lotteries and games in Sweden) ruled that the random factor involved when playing Måltipset was to high for it to be called a game and declared it a lottery. Apparently, the minimum bet in lotteries has to be at least as high as the lowest possible win.

It is possible to, instead of playing single columns, to play with permutations. That is when one chooses more than eight numbers. As the number of possible eight number combinations increase, so does the cost. For example, choosing nine numbers instead of eight produces nine possible combinations, choosing ten produces 45 possible, et cetra. The cost is the same as for the corresponding number or single columns. The maximum amount of numbers that can be chosen is 14, that corresponds to 3003 combinations.

As playing normal permutations (also known as mathematical- or M-permutations) can become quite expensive at 2.50 SEK per combination, it is also possible to play reduced permutations (R-permutations). R-permutations makes it possible to choose many numbers without paying the high price of M-permutations. This is because a R-permutation contains only a small number of the combinations in the corresponding M-permutation. The combinations are chosen so that the chance of winning should be as high as possible. The chance of winning when playing R-permutations is still significantly lower than when playing M-permutations though.

46 percent of the bets go back to the players as wins. 55% those of go to those with 8 correct numbers, 20% those with 7 correct and 25% to those with correct numbers. Those with 5 correct numbers receive 4 random columns for next week. Should any category have no winners or a win below 10 SEK, the prize money allocated for that category goes to next week's jackpot. The lowest winning category, 5 five correct numbers, was added in October 1999. This meant that the number of winners each week increased from 5,000 to 75,000.

As the statistical chance of getting all 8 numbers correct is one in 5,852,925, the prize money for getting all of them correct is usually quite high. The average win for 8 correct numbers was 4,716,435 SEK in 2000. The highest amount ever won on Måltipset was won in 1994 and was 24,271,713 SEK.

The last time for playing Måltipset is Saturdays at 15:30. In order to reduce the amount of players arriving at the last moment to bet, an extra fee of 3 SEK/coupon is charged on Saturdays. The matches are played Saturday evening, Sunday and sometimes also Monday and Tuesday. Should any match become cancelled, the outcome of that match will be randomized.

In 2000 Måltipset's turnover was 506.9 million SEK. It can be combined with another game from Svenska Spel, Joker.

Måltipset was developed internally by Tipstjänst (nowadays called Svenska Spel) and became playable in 1983. Variations of the game exist in Italy, Canada and Greece. (If anyone has ANY information on the game in those countries, please /msg me.)

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