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The Medical Information Bureau.

While many decry the use of a clearing house for your medical information, this is really a necessary evil.

If you are applying for insurance, life or health or disability or whatever, your Social Security Number will be run by the MIB. They will tell the insurance company if you have any "codes" which need further investigation. They don't tell the company what the codes are actually for; they just inform the company that you might have some health problems.

What folks who get pissed off about this fail to realize is that healthy people should pay less for insurance than those who are more likely to become ill or die early. That's the free market at work in the world of insurance.

You could try the system in Canada or Germany if you want to try true socialized medicine. I don't think you'll care for it, though.

Management Information Base. The MIB is one part of the SNMP system. (The others are SNMP manager and SNMP agent.)

In a managed device, the SNMP agent collects information from the MIB and makes it available to the NMS, or network management system. An agent can, for example, report on the number of broadcast messages that have been sent and received. The variables are known as managed objects. Each managed object type has a MIB, and all managed objects are contained in a database called a MIB.

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MIB II is documented in RFC 1213.

Also, a MIB is represented as a tree structure, making it almost file system-like.

Another MIB example would be the BSD sysctl tree. The sysctl tree is used to maintain many of the configuration parameters of a running system (somewhat like Linux has done with procfs), and therefore shares more and more of an overlap with the SNMP MIB-space all the time. In FreeBSD soon, for example, there should be a registered place in the SNMP MIB oid for FreeBSD's sysctl tree (actually, it has already been allocated); FreeBSD's more unique configuration parameters will be part of the same MIB space.

MIB = Men In Black

This term is an acronym used by ufologists, and other fortean researchers to refer to slight, dark-complexioned men, often with oriental features, who appear, usually in groups of three, after UFO sightings and whose role appears to be to interview and then silence the witnesses.

They are usually dressed in dark suits, hence the name Men In Black, although sometimes they appear dressed as Air Force officers.

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