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In the fantasy novels of Rick Cook, an acronym for "Magical Operations Per Second." Used as a benchmark figure for the WIZ-DOS spell compiler. Similar in concept to MIPS.

Early versions of the spell compiler were benchmarked at about 300 MOPS; later versions, incorporating the additional security written into WIZ-DOS, clocked in at around 200 MOPS for spells performing heavy mathematical calculations. (To wizards in the older tradition, two hundred spells a second is still pretty impressive.)

Sources: Rick Cook, Wizard's Bane, The Wizardry Cursed

This is the genealogy of the programming language Mops:

Mops is a child of Neon.
Mops was born around year 1993, and has not changed much since that time.

This genealogy is brought to you by the Programming Languages Genealogy Project. Please send comments to thbz.

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