I once watched the awards about two or three years ago, when they were introducing the Dave Matthews Band, though I forget who said this..

"Music, what a beautiful beautiful gift, how magical that while our government falls and our economy plummets, and people all over the world are starving and dying, us happy few can sit in this room tonight and say, "Hooray! Will Smith has great pants on!"

And then everyone laughed, but I'm not sure why, because it sort of made them all look really bad, I think. ("People kind of are dying and starving all over the world, remember?" That's what I felt like saying to them as they laughed their rich little asses off.) Isn't that the best part about people like that? They can laugh at themselves without realizing they've just recieved a pretty harsh insult, or better yet, they can twist it to seem like a good thing that they can be happy while all this bad stuff is going on. I guess it was funny, sort of.. whatever, you know?

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