An idea that sort of struck me while arguing with the nice Christian people here is that I have no motivation to be a good person in my life other than my nature. I suppose its just conditioning. I do have quite a big ass mouth on me which tends to piss off the masses, but I try not to hurt any ones feelings unless they truly need it. I just like being a good person. I have formed my own morals which I assure you have been revised a time or two as an adult. "The Cosmic Carrot" has no place in my life. I am a believer in the concept that you pass your energy on. The world takes on a new spin as you touch it in small ways. When you anger a man, does he do something rash or cruel to someone close to him to vent that anger? Why put it out there? Its not Karma or Darma because I don't necessarily believe in those either, its more akin to an emotional version of Sir Isaac Newton's 3rd law of physics, which states:

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

When you act upon someone, they tend toward acting back in the same manner. The difference is, the "Equal and opposite Reaction" is not always upon the perpetrator of their distress and sometimes it is not always equal. Sometimes it is worse and we blow up; sometimes we squash it down inside us and vent it out via artistic or athletic means.

In any case, the world is a product of me as I am a product of the world. So my reasons could be selfish I suppose. It is something interesting to ponder. ;)

If you move, you got a carrot.

You may not have cosmic carrot, but you do stuff in order to 'get' stuff -- if you do good deeds because it makes you feel good, then your feelings are your carrot. If you do good things so that others will do good things to you, then your desire to have good things to happen to you is your carrot. These both sound like forms of egoism.

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