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Lexx 4.10: Magic Baby

In the previous episode, Stanley Tweedle was committed to a mental institution because he failed to hold up his end of a bargain with Prince. Now he is on the table to get a lobotomy from a doctor who says he is actually a patient, but there was a paperwork error and no one noticed the difference. He is rescued just in time by Kai and Xev.

As our heroes are leaving, we hear police sirens in the background, but they elude capture because a man in a yellow New Beetle offers them a ride. He says that he is Uther of Glastonbury, a Druid, and that there is a prophecy about them. The Red Fool, the Dark Man, and the Dead One ("a beautiful woman clutched in the icy hands of death") were expected to appear and attend one of their festivals, at which the dead would rise, shortly after Venus and Mars disappeared from the sky. LooLoo had just destroyed those planets.

They ask him if he can get them into space, so he drives to Kennedy Space Center and they steal a space shuttle, with which they return to the Lexx. They can not find LooLoo or her director anywhere, nor can they find the key to the Lexx because one of the moth-breeders has it. They check on Vlad and find her still in the cryopod.

With nothing better to do, Xev seduces Uther and for some reason still feels the need to beat around the bush about it, pretending she is tired. In her room, he begins to sing her a song, called "Magic Baby," from his previous days as a rock drummer (and in fact has leather pants on under his robes). They are interrupted by Vlad, who takes control of him and kills Xev. Not much later, Stan and Kai find her, and Stan insists (finally bringing back the some of the courage and determination he found back in Brigadoom) that they put her in cryostasis and repair her flesh with the protein regenerator, in hopes that there will be a way to bring her back to life.

Then Vlad comes after Kai, and he tells Stan and the other Druid, who has been there all along just carrying a staff and chanting, to leave and destroy any other means of escape so Vlad will be trapped if she kills him. She kills the other Druid, and in his last breath he tells Stan, "the staff has the power."

Stan heads for the space shuttle, but before he can leave, moth-breeders under Vlad's control bring him back to the bridge, where she is playing cup-and-ball with Kai as the ball. He ends up down a shaft where she'd thrown 790 earlier for not telling her where Kai was. 790 proposes that they work together and find some way to rescue Kai.

After a long climb back to the bridge, Stan sees the staff and realizes what the Druid meant and rams it into Vlad's side, holding it there until she turns to dust.

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