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The Magic Flight Launch Box is a portable vaporizer and the leading product of the Magic Flight company. An extremely simple device by design, the MFLB is essentially a very small block of wood with a simple conduction heating implement installed inside of it. There is no internal power source; energy is provided by a single rechargeable NIMH AA battery, which you push into an appropriately sized opening on the side of the box with your thumb. Unlike more sophisticated portable vaporizers, there is no automatic temperature regulation whatsoever and the temperature inside the small vaporizing chamber is regulated entirely by the rate at which you draw from the device. This means that it is easy to accidentally cause small amounts of combustion and immediately induce a fairly unpleasant coughing fit on your part until you learn enough to judge when this will and will not happen.

The device, as packaged by Magic Flight, comes with a brush for cleaning, a simple acrylic glass stem, two AA NIMH batteries, and a truly impeccable warranty that promises to replace the device with a new one under almost any circumstances. The more cynical part of me wants to point out that this is likely possible because the MFLB, having no moving parts and being about 99% wood, is likely extremely cheap to manufacture and the company likely makes huge profits off it's price point of about $120 a device. The more reasonable part of me however points out that even with such a grossly obvious profit margin the MFLB is still among the cheapest portable vaporizers on the market and can competently compete with technological marvels that cost three times as much.

Overall, the MFLB is an effective and cost efficient entry-level vaporizer. It's stealthy, completely silent, designed for durability and longevity, and only slightly larger than the average lighter. It's something I would recommend to anyone who currently smokes their herbals as a satisfying alternative and ultimate gateway into the wider (and more expensive) world of vaporizing.

Size: 2.5" x 1.25" x .75"
Cost: $120 for a basic Maple Wood box.
Manufacturer: Magic Flight

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