This fantastic piece is incredibly well written fiction. It has just enough right or seemingly right details to lure the generally well-informed reader in, but the reader's suspicion that it is just too bizzare to be true is entirely correct.

The piece was written by a former Up Records partner who submitted it pseudonomously at least a year before Everett True arrived in Seattle to proclaim his love of grunge and assume the role of music editor at the Stranger. The (presumably) unwitting decision to hold on the story probably gave it all its credibility, as the average Seattle hipster, at the time the piece was written, had not the slightest clue who Everett True was. By the time the piece ran, however, you would be very hard pressed to find someone at the Cha-Cha or Linda's or the Hurricane Cafe who didn't know that he was the man responsible (in his own eyes, at least) for Nirvana's success in the UK if not the whole world.

Brilliantly written rock journalism satire -- cheers to Electrosound for sharing it with E2.

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