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Also known as: O Soto Gari.

One of the standard throws taught early in Judo, Hapkido, Aikido, and from where I learned it: Hankido.

Method for a right legged reap:

  1. Both players begin in standard grappling positions (left arm holding opponent's right upper arm, right arm grabbing opponent's lapel).
  2. The attacker steps forward and to his left, with his left foot, until it is positioned beyond and outside the defender's right foot.
  3. As the attacker presses his body closer to the defender, he must throw the defender off balance by pushing forward and to the left with his right hand and pulling backwards with his left hand.
  4. Simultaneously, the attacker must throw his right leg up, behind the defender.
  5. To finish the move,the attacker sweeps his right leg back, taking the back of the defender's right leg with it. The motion of sweeping the right leg back should be completed as momentum compels, which will make the move sweep the leg out, not just hit their leg ridiculously.

If the move is executed correctly, the end result is a fast and efficient blur of movement that ends with the defender on the floor, wondering what the hell just happened.

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