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A MUD (multi-user dungeon), played on MajorBBS's, smaller than most internet muds and a heck of a lot more expensive. Strangly addicting. Most MajorBBSs had all their lines taken up by people playing MUD, most players scripted their gameplay 24/7, never actually playing by hand, unless of course they were going to murder other players Some, such as Euphoria BBS resorted to instituting a "No-MUD Wednesday" policy. Written by Lance Newman from DreamScape BBS.

A MUD (multi-user dungeon) module for MajorBBS and Worldgroup (dial-up and telnet BBS server software). It was originally written and developed by--

  • Lance Nuemann (coding)
  • Michael Skupa (design, AKA Cat)
  • Craig Young (design, AKA Morukai)
  • Geoffrey Rosen (testing, AKA Orfeo)

Collectively they were known as West Coast Creations (WCC). WCC was based in Canada, and Dreamscape Online Entertainment Services (DSOE) was their BBS and the usual place to go for a chance to speak with the designers. MajorMUD, including DSOE, was sold to Metropolis (a Kansas-based corporation) in the spring of 1999 for an undisclosed sum of money.

MajorMUD is closed source and buying the full product can, even in this day of 3D MMORPG's, set you back $2000+ USD to purchase, and that's not counting the BBS software you must purchase to make the whole thing run. Mostly played by scripters using a terminal such as MegaMud, it suffers from very few updates and slow development.

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