How to make a ring out of a dollar bill.
Note: This only works with American Currency

If you use a new crisp dollar bill you will certainly get a crisper nicer ring. Also make all folds very clean and sharp for better results.

1) Face the back side of the dollar towards you. The backside is the one with The Great Seal and ONE in big letters in the middle.

2) Notice the white border on the dollar, fold the top and bottom part of the border away from you so that you cannot see any white border but on the left and right sides. In other words fold it towards Ol' Georgie

3) Fold the dollar horizontally in half once. Then as you do it a second time pay attention to the "one" imposed on a "1" in the right corner. As you fold it a second time the 1 should now be bordered by a small amount of green.

4) Fold the white border on the right side of the dollar bill away from you as you did originally with the top and bottom border.

5) View the one/1 area. Now fold the entire rest of the dollar away from you creating a box around the one/1. Try to make the box as even as possible. The box area will now be referred to as the head and the other end the tail for ease of communication.

6) With your thumb slightly curve the long part of the dollar back in the direction you just folded it from. This isn't necessary, but it makes for a smoother ring.

7) In this step you determine the size of the ring. After making one you'll understand how you can just wrap it around the finger and determine where the fold goes, but for now look around the center of the dollar. Where this bend is made will determine the size of the ring. The further from the head, the larger the ring. Notice the ONE written across the middle. Fold the tail end up to create a ninety degree angle. Do this so that the O in the one is covered or 1 1/2 inches from the end of the tail.

8) You now take the diagonal angle you have just created and bring it up underneath the head of the bill. Now take the excess part (you hopefully can see where this is going) and wrap it between the diagonal and the head. Slip it through the center of the ring and do this till you don't have any excess left.

9) Now take excess white on the head you had folded away. Slip this into the fold you created with the excess. It helps to have a knife or nails or a key to help push it in. It'll be tight but you need it that way.
If you have an excess excess, then do as Chiisuta did and "attempt to wrap it more tightly!" as to remove the excess.

And there you should have it. Slip it on your finger, give it to your sweetheart, or use it as a pick up lines.

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