Ok, well when i saw the title, i thought of the Woody Guthrie story that i heard Arlo tell more than once.
Two rabbits are minding their own business, going about their plant-nibbling ways, when they hear some dogs baying. They start to run, of course..
But at every turn, the dogs (and the hunters behind them) keep getting closer. The rabbit try going under a fence, and the dogs jump over it. They jump a stream and the dogs go through it. They dive into a hole, and the dogs start digging after them.
So they come out the far end of the tunnel, and running running, run into the end of a hollow log.
The log seems very sturdy, but the dogs finally catch up and have it surrounded. The rabbits can hear them sniffling and scratching at the outside, and the hunters arriving and shouting. All their exits are blocked.
At this point, one rabbit asks the other, Now what can we do? And he replies to her:

We'll stay in here until we outnumber 'em.

Hurrah for allegory. And for storytellers.

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