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To expand my mind and the minds of others
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I myself am strange and unusual (idea)
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GTKY Stuff Ahead

22/M/Baltimore, MD, USA (I think the last time I answered A/S/L I must have been 20 years old, because I instinctively typed "20" just now)
Tech Support Zombie (thank you Western Civilization for collapsing)
Professional Wresling, Windows NT, Techno, Guinness, Douglas Adams, Fight Club, Dark Age of Camelot
Women, taking out the trash, doing dishes.

I don't know any other noders, so I don't know their opinion on things. This in mind, I find myself not wanting to read any nodes about things I already know. I find them to be a bore... and I usually just mentally criticize them. As a result, I have taken up the practice of only reading the truely strange and unusual... "I myself am strange and unusual".