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Malaysian Education system is quite similar to the education system of UK.

Directories on Malaysian Education.

  • Yahoo's "Home > Regional > Countries > Malaysia > Education" (dir.yahoo.com/Regional/Countries/Malaysia/Education/) provides a comprehensive list of primary, secondary schools, colleges and universities in Malaysia that are accessible on the net.
  • Cari's "Education: Ministry Of Education" (search.cari.com.my/carilink/pages/Education/Ministry_Of_Education/) provides a good list of departments under Ministry of Education that are accessible on the net, including the Districts Education offices.

Some other resources on Malaysian Education.

  • Malaysian Ministry of Education (www.moe.gov.my), Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.
  • Malaysian Ministry of Education's Curriculum Development Centre (www.ppk.kpm.my), Pusat Perkembangan Kurikulum, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.
  • Malaysian SchoolNet (msn.ppk.kpm.my), by PPK and BTP of KPM.
  • CikguNet (www.cikgu.net), in Bahasa Malaysia for Malaysian teachers, by Mimos and i-Galaksi. Email, webpage, lesson plans etc.
  • KakakTua (www.kakaktua.com) interactive web-based learning by Cyber Village Sdn Bhd (www.cybervillage.net). Currently PMR syllabus, UPSR and SPM later. SMK Taman Maluri is pilot school for its KakakTua's E-pal module.
  • Sekolah (www.sekolah.com) to be open in September 2000.

www.google.com www.yahoo.com
www.cari.com.my www.catcha.com.my

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