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Malha (for short) is located in Jerusalem, Israel and is said to be the largest mall in the middle east, putting things in perspective as it is only 3 floors high, ignoring the numerous underground parking levels.

As in any other malls there are dozens of everything and a movie theatre. You can find clothes, office equipment, electronics, a Burger King along with other popular food chains, books, hiking equipment, ninja throwing stars, tear gas, candy, kitschy useless home decorations and virtually anything and everything.

The Gil theatre, located on the second floor is one of only two big theatres in Jerusalem, the second is Rav Hen. Gil includes 8 movie halls out of which only 2 feature DTS sound systems.

Although there are several malls in Jerusalem, big and small, Malha is identified as The Mall, meaning that if you tell someone you bought something at The Mall, they'll have no doubt you're referring to Malha.

Amusingly, located on the first floor is a small glass cage with rabbits in it, and as no one cares to adopt a rabbit they're all bloated and just lie there, helpless.

If you happen to be in the mood to purchase a cellular phone, you can do so on every single floor, twice on some.

There are between four and six entrances on each floor, every single one is named after a flower, which at first can be very confusing to some. Finding your way in Malha is also extremely hard the first few times you're there. The mall is not high but is definitely big.

All in all, Malha is a great place to spend some time in, unless of course you're a nighthawk, due to the fact the stores in Malha start closing after 10pm. Obviously, the Gil theatre is the last to close.

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