Oh, instant noodles, that lovable sludge of a food, adored by starving college students everywhere. But the resilient little pack of manufactured foodstuff actually has a secondary function as, of all things, an economic metric.

The Mama Noodle Index comes from Thailand and refers to that nation's largest noodle producer, Mama. Economists noted that sales of Mama's products went up during times of economic crisis and stabilized otherwise, providing a handy, simple barometer of the economy and standard of living.

Though it hasn't been used as such yet, instant noodles are a worldwide phenomenon and the Mama Noodle Index (given a tactical rename) could be used globally to represent shifting economies in other countries. It could also, obviously, be used to judge how absurdly high tuition is on any given year.

So instant noodles: just another unhealthy byproduct of the modern age? Or something a little bit more? Definitely the former, but if we put it to some kind of political use then it becomes the latter... right? Right?!

God I'm hungry.


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