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This is the story of Rune, a streetwise, young woman wandering from one dead end job to another, her head filled with fairy tales. When working in a video store she befriends an elderly male customer who has the weird habit of renting the same film over and over again; the true life story of a bank robbery that took place back in the 40's, leaving a cop shamed and incarcerated and a missing suitcase containing a cool one million dollars.

When the old guy is killed in what looks like a professional hit, Rune takes it personally and sets out on a quest to solve the mystery of why anyone would want to hurt her friend. Through a series of chance encounters she blunders along the killer's trail and finds herself wrapped up in a world of trouble, mixed in with US Marshalls, hit men, romance and the missing loot.

Plot aside this book was a joy to read both for the dreamy central character and Deaver's characteristic twists. Half the fun of his novels is trying to spot which people you can trust and which will betray you and he always manages to fit in a few surprises. Add to that the almost retro feel that comes from the late 80's setting and you're onto an gripping, entertaining read.

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