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Military Qualification Standards II:
Manual of Common Tasks for Lieutenants and Captains

This is a quaint little manual produced by the US Department of the Army and is in the "Soldier Training Publication" series of printed matter. This basically is one of those "Complete Idiot's Guide to Being an Officer." There are a series of manuals all like this, that come in a nice, OD Green / Camoflage pattern cover.

It covers tasks under every possible school, from Air Defense to Military Police to Transportation. It dummies down a task to pretty much anything from how to "Protect Classified Material" to "Supervising Unit Response to a Chemical or Biological Attack" (Which I find amusing, considering how much Unit there is after a Nuclear attack).   Some of the tasks they explain to their Officers are even downright demeaning... Including "How to Read a Message."

If you ever need to know how to "Explain the Army's Training Philosophy", go to your neighborhood Army Base and pick up a copy of this handy manual. Since it's Distribution Restriction is "Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited", you, Mr. Joe Civilan, are allowed to read it too. This was last updated in January 1991.

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