The weekend is when people want to party!

I want to tell you about Jolene Johnson. That's right. I said Jolene Johnson. You try saying that name out loud without your voice getting a twang in it. Go ahead. You can't. You can only say Jolene Johnson like it was some kind of party time. And for Jolene Johnson, it usually was.

Girl was a bitch. I shit you not. When she first came to Camp Doya, we became friends. She was hot. She was sexy. She had some serious boobage going on. So, we became friends, but girlfriend can I tell you, she is so stuck on herself it makes me sick. It is like all she does is talk about herself and how much seriously good dick she's gotten since she turned 18. I was like, "Can you talk about something else like the Nixon pardon?" Jesus. She travels with an entourage of girls that look like they are made out of candy. So weird. So unnecessary. She set her own mother on fire TWICE to collect insurance money because she is too pretty to work. The second time she did it, the judge sentenced her to community service. Camp Doya will hire just about anyone and there is absolutely no oversight whatsoever. The things we do to these kids. Awful. Fun, but awful. Most of them leave here scarred for life.

We have this room here called The Grund. It is underground. A lot of kids go down there and never come back up. That is the "final straw" for when we absolutely tire of a kid. I understand they have equipment to skin people alive down there. I've never seen myself. The pretty girls don't get involved in all that. The librarian types are used for that kind of work. They'll never get a man anyway.

I read Modern Nest Egg Magazine. It is chock full of ideas for how to create and grow your nest egg. I recommend it if you are a youth or an adult who can't get her or his shit together. Come on. I also read Modern Nutrients Magazine which is all about how you can get the nutrients that are so vital in today's fast-paced world. Also recommended for youths and adults who just can't get their shit together. I shit you not. Good reads. Monthly publications. Digital and print. Glossy photos. Nice.

The youths of today sicken me. They are ill-prepared for the future. They are well prepared for the futon, if you know what I mean. That kind of life. These magazines, and other magazines like them, created and published by guys who work at the library, can help guide them to a more consensus-based future. And not a life of being on the futon playing video games like a chump.

I also recommend Death by Matrimony by Dale Watershed. Real page turner. Great deal of passion in the pages. Really tells a story. Pick it up. Sickmaking: The Leonard King Story by John Francis Kennedy is also a good read, if you like historical fiction.

I used to like when Captain Picard would say, "Engage." That was an interesting show. Do you nerds like Star Trek or are you into more esoteric shit like what the guys from the library watch on their laptops sometimes? Different shit. Weird ass shit. You guys like that kind of stuff?

I was down at this private area of the beach with two guys, getting it from both ends so hard it was all but tearing me in half, when the vomit alarm (someone ought to node that) went off. For those that don't know, and since it hasn't been noded, the vomit alarm is what goes off at camp when a kid throws up. It alerts all camp counselors to either come and help or stay away due to personal dislike of puke. A lot of people don't like it. I am one. Don't like guys that puke. Like guys who are strong of stomach. Ready for action.

Turns out it was this fat kid who had broken into the kitchen looking for cakes and candies. Well, you know what we do with little shits like that. We strung him up in the trees with a rope on each wrist and ankle. Hung him upseide down, forty feet in the air. Oh, how he cried. Left him there for two days. Lesson learned. We need that kind of discipline in America. Get this new generation in order, finally.

We are sexual beings. Fat people are not sexual beings. They are something else. I don't know what. Check the science. Always check the science.

And then there are gangly people. I mean, WTF? We have to corral them up and put them out of sight. No one wants to see people gangle all over the place. Jesus.

Well, I have to go to church group here at the camp. We give them religious teachings. Hopefully, that will help some of the fat kids and the gangly people we've got around here. Why can't everyone be beautiful? Ugh.

I used all my votes today, 50 of them. While I did not read all that I voted on, I think I read close to 40 writeups. I discovered this page which is something I wonder about often. I would like to ask every noder the origin of their name, except that I think I would come across as creepy. Also, quite a few times in my life, I have been chided for asking too many questions. This has happened to me even as an adult. I usually felt bad when that happens because I admire people who do not talk. I suppose the admiration comes from reading so many novels, usually bodice rippers where a man's attractiveness is described in strong, silent stereotypes.

All this reading and voting means I have sat in my office not doing any work today. I don't feel too badly about it because I have decided that time spent doing what I am enjoying is time spent well. Further, some of the stuff I read was stuff I didn't know before. And even though I would have forgotten it by this evening, I like to think reading stuff, even when forgotten, leaves some mark on the mind. I am reminded of a story about an old man whose grandson asked why he was always reading the Bible (or Koran depending on who is telling the story since Muslims have resorted to shamelessly plagiarizing Christian morality tales). The old man simply asked the boy to go fetch water in a coal basket. The boy did so while grumbling all the while. He returned with an empty basket and the old man sent him back. After a number of trips, the old man told the boy that reading the Bible constantly is like fetching water in a basket. The water might not stay, but the basket would be clean. I have always liked this story despite disagreeing with it. Having read both the Bible and the Quran, I honestly do not think they are that great, or that they clean the heart. Meanwhile back to the topic of water in a basket, it reminds me of another story that says man trying to understand god is like trying to understand the ocean by looking at a glass of water.

Talking to 2 female friends today, I was struck by the differences between them. One of whom is rather depressed, to the extent of having suicidal thoughts. I understand her completely because I have been there before. And our situations are pretty similar because we have nothing to complain about. We are relatively well off, young and healthy. In her own case, she seems to have a rather full social life and a supportive family. The only thing lacking in her life (based on traditional culture) is marriage and children. While she can get married, it is unlikely that she would have kids because she had to have most of the tissue in her ovaries removed due to something the details of which I don't know. While her job might be a drudge, it affords her the opportunity to travel twice annually for a vacation. Thus, while understanding her malaise, I also understand that it is baseless. This seems harsh but I think if there is no physical want or pain, then one should not complain. The other person has a similar situation as the other except that she is usually chipper. I suppose the fact that she has a lover, who, according to her is fantastic in bed and does not stress her might help. However, based again on traditional culture, her relationship is temporary. She has admitted as much to me. The relationship would probably not last because the lover is a married man. And while she admits they have not discussed his family, he appears to love his family, especially his daughter. She admires him because he appears to take his family obligations seriously. So, I wonder, is one happy because she has a man and is the other unhappy because she doesn't?

I suppose I should end this ramble. I am only writing it to pass the time. I have decided not to do any work today. I wonder what my subordinates think of me, alone in my office, issuing orders. I need to work, because I have expectations to meet, most especially mine. But even my subordinates are looking at me with hope. One of them, a really attractive woman (she's maybe 32. But in Nigeria, she would be called a girl because she is not married. I find that custom stupid), is poorly paid. Given her status, she should be paid better but the firm has not earned money since it was set up 3 years ago and the directors-cum-shareholders have refused to sanction any pay increases. I agreed with them when we had our board meeting. However, I need to earn some money so staff can get paid. I don't have a high opinion of most of the people who work for me. I hope they do not develop a low opinion of me. The only way to avoid that is to earn money. And so far, I have not done so. But, I am confident. And hopeful. And tomorrow, I will not come on Instead, I will do what I am paid for.

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