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Today was one of those days that didn't really have too much physical exertion, but I ended up being tired as hell half way through.

I switched the day shift for the night shift at work so that I could get my student pilot medical exam. I have logged 16.7 hours in a Cessna 150, and am on my way to solo flight (without an instrustor).

I always found medical examinations to be a bit odd. I mean, I get the relevance and all, but it just makes me feel like a car or something, examining my inner workings to see if I pass a safety inspection. You get what you get when it comes to your physical self. Luck of the draw, some may say. I passed everything with flying colors (little pilot humor), and it made me think how lucky I really am. It threw me off a little when he asked for a urine sample. A wash of heat ran over my body as I tried to count all the times I puffed the cheeba in the past 30 days. "What if I... don't have to go" I replied. I think he recognized my reaction and went on to explain that it was only to check the sugar content or if there is any blood in my urine, and I could wait a little if I needed to. After a few different pokes and prods, vision and hearing tests, blood pressure, and the ol' turn your head and cough routine, I was officially a student pilot ready for solo flight. Time to stop playing Airport games that will get you beaten.

Since I had several more hours until I had to be at work, I decided to go to Cleveland and take some pictures for the Black and White Photography course I am currently taking. I hate the city. The parking situation alone is enough to drive me crazy! I ended up paying ten dollars to park for like two or three hours... so lame, but I'm sure with a little patience, which I do not have in the city, that could have been avoided. I walked around, not knowing what I really wanted to capture. I ended up near the shores of Lake Erie and decided I needed to get some pictures near the water. Maybe I'll happen upon Gary Coleman and Mr. T in a Trout slapping competition or something.

I found this closed port by the Cleveland Browns stadium. Walking past several "No Unauthorized Entry" signs along the parameter of the property, I found a hole in the fence, and decided that the signs could be ignored this time... no harm, no foul. I got some pretty pictures, and realized how truely annoying the sea gull is. Finding Nemo had it all right! It took the company about an hour to realize that someone had unlawfully entered their property. The gentleman was very nice and I left without a fight. I ended up wandering around aimlessly for another hour or so, not finding anything photo-worthy (only because I stopped really looking) and decided it was time for lunch.

Tower City, the mall of cleveland, was where I stopped for lunch. I never really was much for malls once the teen angst left my system, but lunch was calling my name. After lunch, I thought it best to go away from the city a bit, and headed east to a more residential area. After a brief interlude with pissed off city drivers and children throwing what little snow was left on the ground at passing cars and busses, I came to a rather run-down section of town. I got out and walked for about 5 minutes, until I realized how unsafe a white man carrying a decent camera in this neighborhood really was. I decided this trip was about over and headed back to the car.

I never really understood how driving could make someone so tired. It just doesn't make that much sense to me, but I was BEAT! I made it home with enough time to poop and sleep for about an hour before I had to be at stupid work. If there was something to do besides babysit the editorial department on the night shift, it may be different.... nah, it would still suck. I always thought it would be cool to work at a newspaper. I should probably rethink that thought. Well, at least I can sit here and play around on the internet.

Last night I went out as a 20 year-old, and came back as a 21 year-old.

I went with a roommate and some others from upstairs to a party. Many grad students and people with real jobs were there. I was jealous of everything but the receding hairlines. The rooms were filled with expensive, vintage furniture, and the walls of the living room were periwinkle. Oh, to be a grownup!

We left early. Despite want to fit in and the rum and Coke filtering through my blood stream, I still felt like an awkward freshman at a frat party. We were almost home by midnight, and my friends sang happy birthday to me on the Red Line. I surely blushed, but nobody commented on my embarrassment.

Got a phone call while trying to fall asleep to "Field of Dreams". Thought it might be Kyle, but it was my ex. Hah. He didn't even know it was my birthday, just wanted to return a drunk dial call (I called him on St. Patrick's Day). He was pleasant and wished me a happy birthday, and I tried to pretend like all hard feelings are gone. I seriously doubt that we'll ever see each other again, unless we both decide to go to our class reunion.

Going to meet Kyle at his brother's apartment soon. I'm ridiculously giddy and excited. Happy Birthday to Me!

Thailand: day 17

Bangkok at night

Came back to the city today with petia, a friend from Germany that I met up with on Ko Tao. Now we have traveled north from the island to Bangkok in time for the weekend market tomorrow.

I want to go shopping for investment clothes for next years summer tour. I also nmeeded to get away from Ko Tao and the beach where I have been healing up from my motor scooter accident 10 days ago. The stitches came out a few days ago and everything is healing up nicely...

Our guest house is super styly... has a swimmming pool and everything. Very sweet. I want to find a pharmacy here in town that will sell me Valium.

Kind of awake, kind of tired after the day on the boat and bus and two nights not sleeping much and drinking more hanging with Jenny and Co. on Ko Tao. Jenny is this incredible girl I met who knocked me senseless and loaded up and down for the count. I think I was falling in love with her. Had to get some space for that. We might meet up again in Chain Mai in 2 weeks.

Im heading to Laos later this week for some river rafting on the MeKong River and some sertious opium smoking... should be fin and way way less touristic than Thailand. Thats it for now... Ciao, NL4e

Call centers degrade your mental health if you can not maintain a cool head. Agent on my left cubicle changed his windows theme to red as a result from all the angry calls he get. Our office is too noisy. Yesterday my left ear drum rang from 9 am till 3 pm. Some of the old agents have ear infections now. For the past 3 weeks, I've been getting a terrible head ache.

Now that I've seen how the managerial system works, all I can say is that it stinks. I sent an Email to my group leader asking him to transfer me to Esupport group. If I work in Esupport, I would not have to talk to customers. I got a reply in the lines of, "No, you are such a hard worker we need you here." A CC was sent to my supervisor and the group leader of Esupport. Group leader of Esupport wants me in Esupport but my supervisor and front line group leader don't.

Kamran, 3 year experience agent, warned me when I first joined not to work hard. His prediction was in place. If I slowed down they'll push me to maintain my performance or they'll try to make me surpass it. Everyone is supposed to please the person above.

My brother called yesterday, his sarcasim never changed. After I unlocked his account he said, "Thank you for you excelent services." I laughed and was cheered up through out the day. Translation of his sarcasam: People don't appreciate what you do.

I'm sick of this repetitive work. I'd like to try something new. I talked to my group leader to put me in evening shift for the next month so I could relax and catch up with my technical readings.

I know friend from foe now in the office. I see jealous eyes, appreciative eyes, confused eyes, and red shot eyes from anger.

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