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I had gone to sleep at 9:30pm the night before, feeling rather tired. I remember waking up around 2am and then falling back to sleep and at some point having a nice dream where I got to fly. A few dreams later, I remember driving home from somewhere in the car I had during my senior year of high school. I think this was somehow set in the future and I was driving home from work to someplace where I lived on my own since "home" wasn't anyplace recognizable and I think there was some day-to-day thing that I was driving home from.

I remember having difficulty in the driving as I kept making wrong turns and other strange things and I was somewhat frustrated, but eventually I got home. For some reason, I went over to the neighbor's house, where a young lady lived, which I think in the dreamworld was something that I did everyday. I don't remember precisely why, but it was something neighborly like letting her cats into the house or something.

I entered into this type of enclosed porch from which one might enter the house. It was cluttered with all sorts of bric-a-brac. Suddenly, the young lady who lived in the house came out onto the porch rather frantic, hugged me, and tried to kiss me mumbling about how much she had missed my being there or somesuch. I didn't appreciate her trying to kiss me because I had a girlfriend. I found her actions to be rather strange since she was normally neighborly and reserved, showing distinct non-interest in the types of things she just did.

The next thing I remember, I was inside of her house sitting down on a couch. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise which resembled the sound of something falling and hitting the ground. This is the point at which, one might say, all hell broke loose. With the sound of the bang, the dream seemed to loose nearly all of its cohesiveness. Things disappeared and reappeared, moved of their own accord, etc. It wasn't simply that these things happened and I noticed when I woke up; they were happening within the context of the dream.

I felt as if the young lady's house were in some way haunted, and I could feel a lot of energy in my back. It wasn't a simple energy or a pleasant energy or even a powerful sort of energy; it was pure tension. In the dream, I felt as if I were somehow shorter because my back was so tense. The young lady mentioned something about this all starting when her mother (who walked by at that moment) attempted to produce some sort of sound effect.

I woke up after a few moments. I was sweating and clutching my teddy bear, and had this strange sensation in my head which I now think was caused by all the tension in my neck and back. (The energy was gone, but tension in the back doesn't relax that easily). After awhile, I got up, took a shower, and did the best I could to rub the tension out of my back, so I feel a little better now.

I think the thing that bothered me so much was that I'm used to rejecting the existence of any true and absolute evil since I believe the universe to be fundamentally good, but I've never really thought about chaos versus organization on that level, and when suddenly confronted with pure and absolute chaos, I was unprepared; terrified and unsure of what to do or what might happen.

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