A Monstrous Quest

Beware the Ides of March? No, you idiot. Beware the Monsters of March. The thirty-one creeping terrors of the most miserable month, the angry Winter beasts that will not, WILL NOT go back to sleep and the crawling, creeping carpet of sharp-toothed hungry vermin awakening with Spring's first warm day. Beware the thing under the boat. The woman at the window. The tiny, tiny beasties that eat the Twinkie crumbs that fall between the keys on the computer you spend seven hours a day at. The noises in the walls at night, the sharp-toothed laughter of children, the people that live in the tunnels, the dweller of the swamp and the god of the sewers. Beware.

31 days. 31 daylogs. 31 monsters.

This is probably more than I can do alone, so I'm putting out an open call to the freaks. You know who you are.

Are there monsters in your head? Do your friends and family often look at you in shock and say where the hell do you come up with these things? Do you hear the call of the Old Ones? Have you watched every Godzilla movie ever made, or made a special spot on your DVD shelf for movies with the words Thing, Creature or Alien in their titles? Do you own more than one Arkham House publication? Have you sometimes wondered what your Best Beloved would look like with tentacles? Are you the kid that not only completed the cat dissection but went for extra credit? Or are you the one that favors the inner monster, the hider, the beast that looks like a normal human?

If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, your place is with us.

(If your answer is "yes! Yes! Oh Mother, YES!!!", I'm a little worried, but you can still write.)

Just pick a date, let me know the date and the name of your monster, and wait your turn to launch the most horrifying, most eldritch, most monstrous daylogs ever seen on e2.

We are the children of the night, and this March belongs to us.

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