In Babylonian mythology, the greatest of the gods. His birth, his battles, and his fifty names are celebrated in the Enuma elish, the Epic of Creation, which was recited in the Babylonian temples.

Apsu and Tiamat, the primaeval spirits of the abyss, bore the gods, but later plotted to destroy them. Ea slew Apsu and set his body up as a dwelling. Ea and Damkina gave birth to Marduk, more perfect than any god before.

Elevated far above them, he was superior in every way.
His limbs were ingeniously made beyond comprehension,
Impossible to understand, too difficult to perceive.
Four were his eyes, four were his ears;
When his lips moved, fire blazed forth.
The four ears were enormous
And likewise the eyes; they perceived everything.
Tiamat creates an army of demons to send against the gods, and promotes Qingu to be their leader. Marduk offers to be the gods' champion against her army if they will confer the supreme power to make destiny upon him. The gods agreed to give Marduk sovereignty over the universe.

With sceptre, throne, staff, bow, arrow, mace, net, lightning, flood, storm-chariot, and great winds from every quarter, Marduk advances to meet Tiamat. He kills her and Qingu, and leads the other rebel gods into captivity. He seizes the Tablet of Destinies from Qingu. From the body of Tiamat he made the heaven and the earth, fog and clouds, stars and sun, Tigris and Euphrates, cult and temple.

The last part of the Enuma elish is a praise-hymn to Marduk by the other gods, giving him his fifty heroic names and their meanings.

A black metal / death metal band from Sweden. Taking their name from a great Babylonian god, Marduk formed in 1990 to create the most blasphemous music known to the planet. Marduk's darkness and hatred towards christianity can only be matched by the relentless, brutal shredding their music delivers. Marduk is also one of the most productive bands around. Their rapid releasing of albums to keep fans satisfied coupled with an relentlessly extreme touring schedule assure the world plenty of Marduk to go around.

Marduk can be pretty intense. If Megadeth gives you a headache, Marduk will be glad to take your body, grind it, burn it, and use the ashes to make a pentagram. The only band I've known to come close to this intensity and hatred is Deicide (Deicide, who hail from Florida, share much in common with Marduk and have even toured with them). Just be warned: Darkness takes on a whole new meaning when dealing with the fury of Marduk.

Band Members
Morgan Steinmeyer HÃ¥kansson - Guitar
Fredrik Andersson - Drums
Legion - Vocals
B.War - Bass

1991 Fuck Me Jesus (demo tape)
1991 Here's No Peace (7" (never pressed))
1992 Dark Endless
1993 Those Of The Unlight
1994 Opus Nocturne
1995 Fuck Me Jesus (MCD)
1996 Heaven Shall Burn...When We Are Gathered
1996 Glorification (MCD, remix + cover songs)
1997 Live In Germania (live)
1997 Here's No Peace (official release)
1998 Nightwing
1999 Panzer Division Marduk
2000 Obedience (MCD)
2000 Infernal Eternal (double-live)
2001 La Grande Danse Macabre
2002 Blackcrowned (book + video)

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