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Red-haired, French actress born in Paris in 1952, most famous for her leading role in Last Tango in Paris, (1972) where she starred as Marlon Brando's sex interest. The film's famous scene of buttery buggery brought her a flood of hate mail, which contributed to a period of heroin addiction and a pause in her career - which never quite fully picked up again, although she has had roles in 22 subsequent films.

Maria Schneider (not the one in the above write-up) is the composer, arranger, and conductor (leader) of the Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra.

She grew up in Windom, Minnesota and earned a Bachelor of Music in theory and composition from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Music from Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.

She cites Duke Ellington, George Russell, Gil Evans, Thad Jones, and Bob Brookmeyer as her influences.

Much of this information was gleaned from the liner notes inside Evanescence. The Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra has 4 albums, all of which are stellar.

Update 21 Oct 2002: This write-up is rather paltry by today's standards. I'll work on filling it out soon someday, I hope. Thank you for your extended patience.

See also http://www.mariaschneider.com.

A different Maria Schneider is the cartoonist responsible for the intensely comforting comic strip "Pathetic Geek Stories," which can be found in the A.V. Club section of The Onion. You can send in your own stories of humiliation and cluelessness to Maria, and she just might make you the subject of her weekly cartoon.

In the title of Pathetic Geek Stories, Maria claims that all the stories sent in are true. Well, my brother's friend's submission is living proof that some (or at least one) of the published comics are based on fantasy, but the cartoonist doesn't know that (his story made her cry).

Real or not, Maria's Pathetic Geek Stories are very therapeudic, and can be found on The Onion's website, at www.theonion.com.

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