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The Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra is, in my opinion, one of the best large ensemble playing jazz today, and probably is my favorite. Maria Schneider composes, arranges, and conducts the orchestra.

They used to play at Visiones in Greenwich Village, New York City every Monday night, before the club closed. I had the good fortune to see them just before the end of their time there.

To date, they have three albums available. I own the first 2 and they are excellent. I've also borrowed the newer 2 from the public library, and they are just as good. I will be getting my grubby hands on the newest one soon.

  1. Coming About (1994)
  2. Evanescence (1996)
  3. Allegresse (2000)
  4. Concert in the Park (2004)

See also http://www.mariaschneider.com.

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