Here's a litmus test for to determine if a person is a MMG:

To be perfectly honest, I think Manson only uses the term "goth" to subtly satirize the cultish, almost religious, society of people that gothdom has become. Goths are so concerned with being "gother than thou" and "if you don't know who Bauhaus are, you're not really goth!", that they forget that even THEY cannot define what is truly "goth".

I agree, wearing black and putting on lipstick does not necessarily make you goth. On the other hand, it is perfectly possible to be gothic and still appreciate Marilyn Manson's music.

The problem with most Mansonites - as well as goths, for that matter - is the way they interpret the message of the music. I agree, the majority of Marilyn Manson fans - at least, those that flaunt their fandom openly - are complete idiots. They let themselves undergo fashion makeovers on the Jenny Jones show, just to display how truly incapable they are of living in society.

I feel sorry for people who are full-time goths, and who feel it is their primary duty to rag and berate fundamentally likeminded people for being "newbies". In that sense, it's almost comparable to the relationship between a religious preacher and the common mass.

And this is the situation I think Manson is satirizing. Goths won't associate with Mansonites for varying reasons. His music is too commercial; his message is shallow (I strongly disagree with this, but it has been interpreted as such - mostly by people who can't be bothered to read the lyrics); Manson's exhibitionism is too freaky. Whatever.

The core message is individualism. And the majority of goths, whether they will admit to it or not, are notoriously close-minded. In extreme cases, even moreso than the "enemy" they so despise: organized religion. I can understand where the average black-clad 14-year old Mansonite would be closeminded, but in the world I see, it should be perfectly possible to be goth and listen to Marilyn Manson at the same time without growing an angry, red rash of embarrasment.

The irony of the argument "Marilyn Manson is not goth!" should be apparent to you by now. If not, give Manson an extra listen instead of polishing your lipgloss. And stop ragging on people just because they don't share your tastes.

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