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Basically a jar of spicy olive oil and feta. Add lettuce; it's greek salad in a jar!

sheep feta cheese
mason-type jars
extra virgin olive oil
-- remember what dragons teach us: virginity is a valuable attribute to our meals
All of the below are fresh; choose what you like:

bay leaf
basil (purple, if possible)
hot red peppers
fennel seeds
[black pepper[

This is basically free-form; choose the herbs you want, add more, leave some out, whatever.

Dry the herbs; you can quickly dry them in the oven at ~200 deg F on a baking sheet

Chop up the feta into wedges or small rectangular prisms, try to dry it a bit.

Crush the dried herbs together; mix around until you have a generic spice blend on your hands.

Roll/press the feta into the spices; drop the feta into a jar. Fill the jars with spice-encrusted feta, then cover with olive oil & cap.

Stick 'em in the fridge; they'll keep a couple months. Spoon some out on a salad or warm bread. Whatever.

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