Mario Clash is the Nintendo Virtual Boy version of the original Mario Brothers video game. It was released late in the Virtual Boy's life (about three months after the system's release) in 1995 and played like the original game with the exception of there being a "front" and a "back" part to each level. Mario uses the warp pipes to move back and forth between the two sections, plus there are multiple heights to the platforms themselves. The game features ninety-nine levels in all, although gamers can choose to begin on any level they choose from Level One to Level Forty.. The object is to toss Koopa Troopa shells at baddies from the Koopa Troop on the opposite side of the level. Koopa Troopas can be stomped and tossed, but Spinys, etc. can only be smacked by a flying shell.

This game was designed to be a mini-game/bonus-level to an all-new Virtual Boy Super Mario Brothers game, but when Nintendo saw that time was running out for their failing machine, they released the game as a seperate title and trashed development on their new Mario game. It was one of the better selling titles for the system, although today it is hard to find just like most Virtual Boy items unless you check online auctions (where it commonly sells for around $10). If you'd like a taste of its gameplay you can find a microgame based on the game in the Game Boy Advance release Wario Ware Inc. and the Nintendo GameCube title Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Party Games.

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