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Mario Paint Composer
Developed by: unfun Games
Date Published:June 2007
Platform: PC
Format:: Macromedia Flash

Mario Paint Composer is based on the music tool found in Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo.
Mario Paint Composer contains several old and new features and is free to download online.

The node on Mario Paint did not cover thoroughly on the music tool, which has grown some interest in the world of YouTube. Basically, the tool allowed the user to create their own song through the use of wacky sprites acting as notes on a music sheet. For example, the mushroom acted as the bass drum and the boat simulated a hi-hat. It also provided "musicians" to change their time signatures between 4/4 and 3/4, the ability to change tempo, and allow track looping. However, it is not the most comfortable tool to mess with as the user are limited to 24 measures and to the treble clef, has no save/load option (unless you're running the game on a SNES emulator with save/load states), lack of music notations, and can only play keys between B3 to G5 (on a piano). Still, people found ways to interpret their desired track, making it a fun and unique tool to mess with.

With Composer, it took the core of the music tool and made some tweaks here and there, making it a much more feasible application to play with for the user. Moreover, Composer is still the same game as in Mario Paint, including all the sprite notes. But what makes it more intriguing are some of the added features:

  • The ability to save/load songs: User can now secure their masterpieces on ther PC...yay!
  • Measure extension: As stated, users had limited measures to work with in Mario Paint. In Composer, you could go as far as 96 measures in a row...which is awesome (though I don't think I could make that much music).
  • The ability to use sharps and flats
  • Changed key range to B3 to C6.

Composer is by all means not perfect. Users are still stuck with the treble clef as well as unable to use all 88 keys of the piano. Also, erasing notes can be cumbersome sometimes as it may bother your fingers. Adding new content between previous work is pure evil (e.g. filling new music between completed measure 4 and 5), causing actions in erasing few or all of your work done after the edit. In my experience, E-flat sound exactly like D, which was kinda annoying.

Still, it's just something to mess around with as it maintains that Mario Paint sort-of atmosphere. Plus, you don't need an emulator, just your PC, Macromedia Flash installed, and some appreciation in Nintendo. Worth taking a look if any interest in Mario Paint, music creation, or whatever float's your boat. Warning, may induce amusement, laughter, and musical talent within self.

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