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The Maritime Beer Company is a brewery and brewpub founded in 1998 by a group of entrepreneurs in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with a mandate to produce craft beer. Despite a widespread advertising campaign and the fact that the beers they produced were excellent they ran into financial trouble and were eventually bought by Sleeman's.
The beers they made are as follows:

Atlantic Storm India Pale Ale
Your typical IPA.
Kings Honey Amber Ale
A fairly dark ale with a nice honey flavor. Tasty!
Black Pearl Cream Ale
A rich dark ale with a stout-like smoothness.
Privateer's Pale Ale
This was the least distinctive of the original five beers, so much so that I can't remember what it tasted like.
Halifax 1749 Stone Fired Ale
This, on the other hand, was the most distinctive beer they ever produced. Hot stones were lowered into the kettle during the mashing process, thus slightly toasting the malt and giving the beer a unique yummy taste.
Frosted Frog Lager
This was a lager produced apparently to try to steal some market share from Moosehead's Alpine and Labatt's Blue. I didn't like it very much.
Old Milwaukee
After Sleeman's bought the Maritime Beer Company they began making a Canadian version of Old Milwaukee, the same idea as Labbat's version of Budweiser. It sucks.

Some of the original beers are still available in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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