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Marjorie Flack was born on October 23, 1897. She grew up to make books for kids.

In the summer of 1938, she attended McDowell's Writing Colony in Peterboro, New Hampshire. She overheard Dubose Heyward telling a story about bunnies, and insisted that he write it down because she wanted to illustrate it. He wrote the story in two hours. This would become The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, which went on to become perhaps the best-selling Easter book ever. Dubose later said this had been the most profitable two hours of his life.

When Marjorie's illustrations necessitated altering the text to make both fit on the page, she wrote to Dubose, "I am hoping you won't remember your story well enough to miss the beautiful words I threw away."

Years later, Dubose's wife would tell Marjorie that there had also been a story about a circus bunny, as well as others. Marjorie begged him to write these stories, but he never did.

Marjorie wrote and illustrated lots more books. Angus Lost was made into a movie.

The Story About Ping is not REALLY what hemos says it is about.   http://slashdot.org/books/99/01/31/1246212.shtml   It's a joke, get it? DO YOU GET IT?

She could draw a wicked dolphin.   http://www.jillmorgan.com/sig/flack.jpg   She died in 1958.


Angus and the Cat

Angus and the Ducks

Angus Lost

Ask Mr. Bear

Boats on the River

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, As Told to Jenifer

Scamper: The Bunny Who Went to the White House

The Story About Ping

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