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Mothersbaugh composed the soundtrack to Rushmore.

He's the founder of the ultra-ginchy Internet-based VR site Mutato Muzika.

On the Dr. Demento Show that aired July 8th, 1979, Mothersbaugh said that his favorite song was My Dream Date, with Charlotte Austin as the voice of Barbie.

As a solo artist, Mark Mothersbaugh has released three albums: the cassete tape/double CD Muzik For Insomniaks, the bizarre, yet pleasant Christmas album Joyeux Mutato, and the outright weird Music For The Gallery (designed to accompany one of his art exhibitions). Aside from Joyeux Mutato, his solo releases are out of print. Mark Mothersbaugh has also worked on soundtracks for many movies, including The Rugrats Movie, The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, Bottle Rocket, and more.

Mark is also an artist, creating works on the back of postcards using a variety of materials. He has also worked with digital art, and a traveling exhibition of his newest works is currently underway.

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