National Marriage Week as celebrated anually in other parts of the world does not exist in Australia. Each year since 2007, Australia has celebrated the second week in September as Marriage Week however. And, well, it's that time of year again.

When: 12th - 18th September, 2010
Where: The Land Down Under
What: Stuff in support of marriage as per the Australian Marriage Act 1961:2004
Who: Anyone who approves of marriage, and wishes to spread propaganda regarding how awesome it is

Marriage week is a time for couples to propose, to get engaged, get married, sort out problems in their marriages, or even to re-affirm their wedding vows. For other people, it is a time to get advice that now might or might not be a good time to get married, about what to do when things go wrong, or just about getting a potential marriage started right. Maybe for you it's just proving to your spouse how much your marriage means to you, maybe you're even using the week to rebuild your relationship with an ex-spouse. How about pressuring your unmarried parents to tie the knot? Think the Prime Minister needs to know what it's really like to be a wife and mother? Go nuts.

A note on politics: Marriage Week is for "the union of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life". This week is for neither girlfriends/boyfriends, nor gays/lesbians. I did not make up the rules, so don't complain to me. No doubt some people are using marriage week as an excuse to complain about not being allowed to get married.

Christians and other religious folks are the main proponents in this week, but I know others are pro-marriage too. Radio stations are running promotions throughout the week, giving away counselling books and such. Breakfasts are being held. Couples are having second honeymoons. What are you doing?

Each day has a key marriage tip, and they are:
    Be sure to make time for each other and have fun together
    Keep talking and keep listening to each other
    Study the ways your partner feels loved
    Discuss your differences and pray together.
    Practice forgiveness
    Honour your parents but do not be controlled by them
    Do not neglect sexual intimacy
The official website for the organisers of this week is

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