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DMan's Universal Disclaimer: This is a recitation of my thoughts on experiences in my life. It is probably a generalization.

Also, do not call me sexist. Notice I did not once refer to genders except in my one named example.

Phenomenon observed when a marrying couple is obviously very different in financial status and the richer spouse is generally physically unattractive and the poorer one is very attractive. Also there is a high chance that the richer person is significantly older than the other, stretching it to the 60 years gap once in a while (yes I am talking to you Anna Nicole Smith).

While once in a while these couples may actually truly love each other, I believe a large majority of them do not and the marriage can be dissected into very simple components.

  • Richer person desires younger flesh
  • Poorer person desires financial security and an easier access to money
  • Everyone is happy..........
  • Until the poorer spouse no longer sexually satisfies the rich spouse
  • Divorce ensues
  • While living abroad in developing countries, I have witnessed a deviation to the money objective. That is they marry for citizenship to rich Western countries. Quite sad actually. I hate seeing a very nice-looking girl younger than me or about my age (I'm about to turn 19) holding hands and snuggling with a fat 60 year old foreigner with more money than me. Ewwwww.

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