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When a planet is said to be in retrograde, that is when it appears to moving backwards in it's usual orbit. Fluctuations in gravitational pull are said to cause this phenomenon. This may interest astronomers quite a bit, but holds some anxiety for astrologers.

For example, Mars is in retrograde as we speak. Mars is the planet that governs drive and motivation. It also rules over sex appeal, not to be confused with Venus' ruling sexuality. Outside vs. inside, so to speak.

Planets in retrograde have a tendancy to bauch the particuliar sections of life that they normally protect. So, motivation, drive, plans, and energy are in reverse during the time Mars has decided to run backwards.

The best way to become not as affected by this curveball is to be patient and not allow one's self to become frustrated. Mars loves to be impatient and sometimes just plain angry. Realize any plans made now will probably not come to fruition, and it is best to just maintain schedules and goals that were set before Mars went into retrograde. A good time to make friends, a horrible time to start relationships or make promises. In other words, 'Easy does it', there really isn't anything worth getting worked up about right now.

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