Marshall Street, in Syracuse, New York, mimics that college town feel. Syracuse is not particularly collegiate, in the way that one thinks of some other college towns as having quiet little bookstores and coffee shops playing indie records. But Marshall Street, and the nearby Westcott neighborhood offer a mild taste of that ambrosia.

Bordered by South Crouse Ave on the west and Ostrom Ave on the east, it runs for five blocks parallel to the edge of the Syracuse University campus. While only one of the blocks of the street itself is entirely commercial, "M Street" is local shorthand for the surrounding blocks of South Crouse, East Adams, and University Ave.

The 100 block of M Street is owned by the university, and was completely renovated between the 2000 and 2002 academic years. Uncomfortable concrete benches were added at each end of the block and the pavement was ripped up and replaced with orange brick to match the rest of the university's streets.

There are none of the quiet little bookstores, the only coffee shop open on a regular schedule is a chain joint, and the record store closed down several years ago. A couple of exits up Interstate 81 is Carousel Mall (soon to be DestiNY USA), for all of your chain store needs.

For students without cars M Street is often the closest place to get non-dining hall food, trendy clothes, and cigarettes. It is also home to a number of college bars and ATMs. Noteworthy establishments include Cosmos, a diner, Skyehigh, a skate shop, and Marshall Square Mall.

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