Marhsmallow Duel is a two-player action game for DOS. It's feature-set includes VGA graphics, PC Speaker sound, and the kind of gameplay that laughs directly in the face of all that is 3D, promptly sucking you in and a friend in like so many black holes.

Upon starting up the game (and flicking through the menu) you are presented with a 2D arena with various platforms and ladders (pseudo-randomly placed each time), and a pool of deadly marshmallow below. The objective of the game is to eliminate your opponent by any, and every, means possible.

Control involves a strange combination of keys; each player having 5 keys at either end of the keyboard. Each key corresponds to a direction, except for one which is the action key. The action key activates power-ups, which are generated by a, um, power-up generator at the top of screen.
With power-ups at hand, and your mighty platforming skills, you maneuver your valliant, and agile, marshmallow duelist to dunk, destroy or de-materialize your opponent. Your opponents pitiful life can be ended in the following ways

  • Knocking, tripping, pushing, tricking the other player into the lethal marshmallow that awaits below
  • Applying the offensive power-ups to said friend e.g the gun
  • Pushing them into a 'death power-up', which kills anyone upon contact
  • Be a talentless git and mash their keys/fingers so they loose control and are forced to hurt you for being so very very lame (but you win the round...)
Definitely one of the best 2-player games available, along with Gravity Power and Wibbles 2, another pair of unsung heroes in the world of gaming.

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