A disparaging term for ardent fans of comics published by Marvel Comics.

The vision of Marvel Comics from its beginning has been to give the readers of their superhero comics the most exciting and action-packed stories available. To this end, Marvel Comics has hired some of the finest talent available to write and draw their comics.

Because of this drive for excellence, fans of superhero fiction have flocked to Marvel's titles, drawing others to attack the devotion of those fans. Like all successful people or endevours, Marvel's detractors attack them because they are at the top of their game, not for any fault of their own. Those fans who choose to defend Marvel's efforts are labeled Marvel zombies in a hope to discredit their arguments.

A reader of comics has only to read such comics as Sleepwalker, any of the New Universe titles, U.S. 1, any of the Rob Liefeld run of Captain America, one of the dozen X titles, Secret Wars, Secret Wars II, any of the Atlantis Attacks cross-overs, any of the Evolutionary War cross-overs, any of the Inferno cross-overs, Todd McFarlane's writing in Spiderman, any of the Galactic Storm cross-overs, Darkhawk, or Power Pack to determine for themselves whether the critisism leveled at Marvel Comics is false or if these fans are just a bunch of mindless, gibbering fanboys with no real taste in comics.

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