Folky singer and brief darling of the indie world with her song "His Indie World." Grew up in Boston, MA and briefly attended the Berklee College of Music. Spent most of her time busking along the Red Line in Boston in Harvard Square and Park Street. Eventually met Tinuvial, who introduced her to Slim Moon, and lo and behold, she was signed to Kill Rock Stars. After a bunch of successful singles, EPs, and compilation appearances, she found her way to major label Sony. Released one moderately well-received album, 1998's Got No Shadow, but has found her way back to Kill Rock Stars.

Mary Lou Lord is not really known for her songwriting ability; most of her well-known songs are covers ("Speeding Motorcycle," "Lights Are Changing," and "Cinderella Backstreet," by Daniel Johnston, The Bevis Frond, and Peter Laughner, respectively) or somewhat novelty songs ("His Indie World"). But she's a terrific performer, whether with a full band as on her Sony release, or just her and her guitar, as on most of her KRS material. Has had many rock stars help out on her releases: Elliott Smith, Juliana Hatfield, Donna Dresch, Shawn Colvin, Money Mark, and Kathi Wilcox, to name many. As an unfortunate side note, Courtney Love reportedly ascribed all of Mary Lou Lord's fame to her once giving Kurt Cobain a blow job.

"Some Jingle Jangle Morning" 7" - Kill Rock Stars
Martian Saints EP - Kill Rock Stars
Mary Lou Lord - Kill Rock Stars
Mind the Gap EP (promo) - Sony/WORK
The Pace of Change EP (promo) - Sony/WORK
Got No Shadow - Sony/WORK
Split EP with Sean Na Na - Kill Rock Stars
plus a heaping helping of compilation appearances...

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